The Adventures of Heck Thomas

The Centaurus Legacy is a fast paced, action driven, novel filled with intrigue and suspense. It is set in the universe of lauded 22nd Century lawman, Marshal Hendrick (Heck) Thomas who suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the law when a criminal mafia mastermind with connections to the government links him to a series of heinous crimes. With the Bureau of Investigation and the Commonwealth Fleet in pursuit Marshal Thomas must find a way to avoid capture by corrupt officials, clear his name, and prevent the dangerous Centaurus technology from tipping the balance of power forever.

The Orion Deception is the next adventure that ex-lawman Heck Thomas must endure following the outcome of The Centaurus Legacy. This action packed novel is scheduled for release late summer 2012.

The Ares Vendetta is a stunning follow up adventure where Heck Thomas looks to set right some wrongs and get the payback he so richly desires. The Ares Vendetta is scheduled for release in the fall/winter 2012.

“Tom Bielawski is a bright light in today’s dark sea of new writers. His writing gives me hope for the next generation of dreamers. I highly recommend both him and his works.” – NYT Bestselling author, Tracy Hickman.

2 Responses to The Adventures of Heck Thomas

  1. John McCulley says:

    Just finished reading The Centaurus legacy and wanted to say what a fantastic and enjoyable read. Would very much like to know when the sequal will be available for purchase ?

    • admin says:


      I have to apologize profusely for not replying too you sooner. In fact, I will email you as well. As I mentioned to another poster on my blog, life has been very hectic with a move two states away for my new day-job, etc. Anyhoo. The Orion Deception is approximately 1000 words from completion. It is twice as long as Centaurus Legacy. I expect to have it ready for the Black Friday shopping frenzy. For you UKers that’s the day after our Thanksgiving holiday and it signals the start of our Christmas shopping season.


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