The DragonWriters Collective

Ok, everyone stay tuned right here for updates on this awesome alliance of elite independent fantasy authors. We are working to bring you a spectacular anthology of speculative fiction.

In the mean time, please check out my pals:

M.R. Mathias - award winning author of the Wardstone Trilogy and the Dragoneers Saga among others. His writing will keep you riveted to your e-reader!

DP Prior author of The Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf, Memoirs of Harry Chesterton, and chief editor at Homonculus Editing Services. DP’s Nameless Dwarf will knock your expectations to the moons!

Brian Rathbone author of the awesome World of Godsland series, The Dawning of Power trilogy and The Balance of Power trilogy. World of Godsland is kick-a$$ fiction that will take you through the ethers like your favorite wizard’s teleport spell!

4 Responses to The DragonWriters Collective

  1. Jim Edmiston says:

    How do you become part of the collective, Tom? Under the name of Harry Cain, I have an ebook out there called The Dragonscale Blade.

    • admin says:


      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have been very busy with moving to another state to start a new day-job and all the headaches that go with moving, selling / buying a home, and settling family.

      The Collective is in its infancy right now. We plan on publishing our first work in 2013. I expect that the Collective will grow eventually, depending on its successes. When we decide to expand we will have to determine what the best method of growing will be and how to recruit new authors. For the time being, we are not expanding beyond a fifth author who is being vetted now.

      Please stay in touch with us and best of luck with your book. Can you post a link to your amazon page here? Maybe that will drive some business your way.

  2. My, my you have been busy, sir. This is a pretty exclusive A list. Congrats. Best of luck to you on this project.

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